"What attracts young people most of all is a good welcome"

After 150 years, these words of St. Giovanni Bosco still resound today in hundreds of meeting and welcoming places: the oratories and Anspi associations of Emilia-Romagna, whose presence has marked and markes the history of thousands of children, young people, families, seniors.
It is in these stories that the oratory enters as a place for meeting and sharing, for training, for personal and collective growth.

It is here that the educational passion translates into activities that concern the areas that best lend themselves to support educational pathways and to develop relationships between people: tourism, music, theater, sport, volunteering, training.


In Emilia-Romagna ANSPI – the National Association of San Paolo Italy - is a reference point for 450 clubs and oratories, which every day receive almost 90,000 people.

It is with these figures that one of the strengths of the National Association is the Association which, in 1963, in Bologna, accepted the invitation of Pope Paul VI for a stronger pastoral action of the church aimed at children and young people.

It is precisely starting from this attention to the person in his entirety and to his uniqueness and respectful of each identity that over time have developed and articulated the activities of the speakers, the clubs and the association itself.

Anspi oratories and associations are present throughout the Emilia-Romagna region; a capillarity of experiences that corresponds to the capacity for initiative and the desire for the aggregation of people, parishes, communities, families, small urban contexts. The activities that develop in the oratory, as we said, are functional to building relationships and start from the daily needs of families and young people.

This includes, for example, summer groups, after-school activities and leisure time entertainment.

Structured activities, always based on the principle of volunteering, are constantly developed in these sectors:

• Sport to promote physical activity, aggregation and team activities that ensure everyone's participation;

• Music and theater, to encourage the learning of new expressive languages and the development of creativity;

• Group tourism to promote new human relationships in sharing environments marked by beauty, history, art and culture;

• Training, constantly aimed at educators, to develop their listening, planning and animation skills.

The management of these activities would probably be unsustainable if the clubs and speakers did not have services able to lighten and support them in the labor, insurance, administrative, legal and legislative aspects that are linked to the various events.

The risk, in fact, would be that of a commitment no longer concentrated almost exclusively on educational paths.

It is then here that the supports guaranteed by the ANSPI come into play and, even before and every day, from the 12 territorial, committees that are active in Emilia-Romagna.

This integration allows the acquisition of the best advices, the most effective services and the development of common strategies in which each can find an answer to their specific need, thus creating homogeneity on criteria and methods that guide the activity of each association and oratory.

Also in this network we are educated then to listening, to respect for each identity, to mutual formation and above all to that welcome which, as Don Bosco said, attracts young people and
people of all ages.




"Educating a person can not only be the result of a skilful application of methods because there is the transformation of a soul in the order of charity" (Mons. Gianbattista Belloli - founder ANSPI).

Anspi is an association born 50 years ago with the aim to be close to the people, to their realization as men, Christians and citizens.

Anspi's identity choices are:

- associative choice: to enhance the "relational" dimension and individual human resources

- ecclesial dimension: to be an association at the service of the oratories and that they coordinate them by acting as an interpreter and instrument of the Church

- civilistic choice: being in the society means taking on language, norms and laws and feeling active and proactive citizens.

Anspi, through his oratories and circles, promotes the centrality of the person not only in considering the suitable activities to be proposed for that person, but also in the attention to its evolutionary development, throughout the course of life.

Anspi supports its realities with an administrative service aimed at supporting and protecting the parish realities

The ANSPI Regional Committee of Emilia-Romagna is a second-level social promotion association, established in 1976; it is registered in the regional register of the APS with the determination of the Regional Council of Emilia-Romagna n ° 1098 of 23 February 2009.

It is constituted as an intermediate level to coordinate, at a regional level, the many activities in the area.

With its coordination it participates in the networking tables promoted by public and private bodies to make its own contribution to improve society and the quality of life of citizens.

In these years as a social promotion association it has expressed great wealth in terms of initiatives, proposals and participation of territorial levels in Emilia Romagna, a region that traditionally sees a numerically high number of members.

In 2012 450 Oratories were affiliated, with over 86,000 members.

The ANSPI Regional Committee of Emilia-Romagna coordinates 12 territorial delegations called "Zonal Committees".


In Anspi there are several "service areas": music, theater, communication, volunteering-civil service, tourism, eucation, sport. The choice to have different areas is to have different tools to educate children, young people, families and adults to complete education, the cardinal principle of the association.

They are "services" to "service" to the human being.

The principle that guides these areas is that of educating the person and including it in an educating community.

The inclusion principle therefore leads not to choose only the "athletes" who can compete at a competitive level or the musicians with promising careers in the field, but all, in respect of all differences.

Having different areas enriches anspi, gives a propulsive drive to develop new projects and activities.

The areas of ANSPI are:

- Music

- Education

- Civil Service Volunteering





- Sport

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