The organs of the Association are:

• The Conference;

• President;

• The Board of Directors.

The members' conference is the primary organ of the Association. His deliberations are sovereign. It is made up of all the members of the Association who are represented in the conference as well as by the legal representative of the Zonal Committee or its delegate, by a number of other representatives proportional to the number of clubs and speakers associated with the Zonal Committee according to the criteria established in the regulation of the present statute approved by the conference.
The assembly is called by the Board of Directors and is convened by the President of the Association or, in the event of his impediment by the Vice President or, in the alternative, by the oldest Director.
The Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting is convened at least once a year, by 30 April, for the approval of the economic and financial statement, for the possible renewal of the corporate offices (every four years elects the President and members of the Board of Directors), and for any other decision that falls under its responsibility or is subject to it, determining the guidelines according to which the activity of the Association must take place and decides on the proposals for adoption and amendment of the regulations.
Extraordinary Assemblies are convened whenever the Board of Directors deems it necessary and decides, or when requested, with a reasoned request, signed by at least one tenth of the representatives of the shareholders entitled to vote; the Extraordinary Assembly can be called to express itself on changes to the Statute or on the dissolution of the Association: in such cases the presence of a high number of members is necessary as established in the by-laws. It is convened to elect, in the case of holidays provided for in this Statute verified before the end of the four-year term, the entire Board of Directors and its President, to deliberate on the topics on the agenda, on the proposed amendments to the Statute and dissolution of the Association;
In order to protect the effectiveness of the associative relationship with suitable methods, a suitable advertising regime must also be guaranteed for the resolutions passed by the shareholders, for the financial statements and the financial and financial reports consequently approved.

The Board of Directors is the body responsible for managing the Association and collegially manages all the association activity. Composed of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 21 members elected by the Assembly, it remains in office for four years and its members are renewable. Among its members, he shares the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Delegates for the various activities.
The legal representation of the Association is institutionally held by the President of the Board of Directors and for specific duties to the other Councilors appointed by the Board of Directors on the basis of a specific resolution. He takes care of the implementation of the deliberations of the Assembly and of the Board of Directors and in cases of urgency can exercise the powers of the Board of Directors, subject to ratification by the latter at the first useful meeting.
The Vice President assists and replaces the President in case of absence or impediment. The Treasurer draws up the book of income and expenses and keeps the mutual fund. The Secretary draws up the minutes of the meetings and constitutes the archive of the Association. The Delegates for the various activities carry out their tasks according to the deliberations of the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors meets ordinarily at least every three months and extraordinarily when it is deemed necessary. The meetings are chaired by the President, are valid if there is an absolute majority of the members assigned and the resolutions are approved by a majority of those present.
The Board of Directors is in particular responsible for:
- the annual application for affiliation to the ANSPI according to the established procedure;
- the annual preparation and presentation at the meeting, within the month of April, of an economic and financial statement of the activity carried out during the previous calendar year:
- the presentation on this occasion also of a programmatic plan relating to the activity to be carried out in the new social year;
- the implementation of the programmatic lines approved by the Assembly;
- the identification of tools or services for the realization of institutional goals;
- setting the company shares;
- the proposal to amend the Bylaws and the proposal and the issuing and modification of the social regulations;
- the establishment of commissions and the appointment of representatives in public and private bodies, federations and other bodies.
- the right to appoint, among the members, subjects outside the area to advise, delegates to perform particular functions established from time to time by the Board itself
- the request for affiliation to the National Sports Federations or Associate Sports Disciplines or to the Sports Promotion Organization to which the Association intends to affiliate.
All the associative positions are honorary, no compensation is paid, except for the reimbursement of the documented expenses incurred for reasons of the office held, provided that it is previously authorized by the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors decays by contemporaneous resignation of half plus one of its members or for holidays, for whatever reason, not contemporaneous over the four-year period of half plus one of its members; until this limit is reached, in fact, the first of the unelected will take over the vacant councilors.
The President lapses due to resignation, for a holiday for any reason or for forfeiture of the Board of Directors.

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