The Regional Elective Assembly is called upon to renew the organs of the ANSPI Regional Committee of Emilia Romagna provided for in the Statute of the Committee itself and in compliance with its provisions. In articles 8 and 9 of the same it is read that they are organs of the Association: the Assembly, the President and the Board of Directors. The latter 2 are elected by the assembly every 4 years.

To all the Zonal Committees, in compliance with the National Regulations ANSPI (articles 4, 6, 7 and 8), the National Statute (article 4) and the Statute of the Regional Committee (article 4), the representation in the Assembly of the Regional Committee.

For each Assembly, the Regional Presidency appoints, within 2 days from the date of convocation or at the beginning of the Assembly itself, three Members or collaborators who constitute the electoral commission and the verification of powers. For collaborators we mean members who do not have the requisite of a Shareholder of the Assembly and therefore are not candidates. In the absence of collaborators, the commission will be established with non-candidate members.

Zonal Committees belonging to the Regional Committee of Emilia-Romagna are assigned a structural representation in the person who has the legal representation (the zonal President), and a proportional representation of 1 in every 20 clubs, speakers or associations affiliated to its Committee Zonal and in the conditions foreseen by the art. 6 of the ANSPI National Regulations, or when it is constituted by statute, the statutory bodies work and associates at least 15 adult members. In the calculation of proportional representation, the 10% tolerance criterion is applied . The structural and proportional representatives therefore constitute the Members of the ANSPI Regional Assembly with the right to participate in the Assembly itself with an active and passive vote. The Regional Presidency, having verified the aforesaid condition of a Zonal Committee, on the basis of the affiliation to the same of the previous year's Oratori-Circles in the case of ordinary assemblies, or of the current year in the case of extraordinary or elective assemblies convened in periods other than the first 4 months of the year, invites the said Committee to elect its proportional representatives and to communicate their name.
Direct representation of the legal representative (structural representation).
All the Zonal Committees are represented in the Assembly by the person who has legal representation (the zonal President).
Members of the same Zonal Committee (proportional representation).
The Zonal Committees that have the requisites established in this article of the regulation are represented in the ANSPI Regional Assembly as well as by the Legal Representative, also by so-called "proportional" members. These delegates are full members and in the Assembly they have the same rights as the Presidents / legal representatives. The name of any proportional representatives must be communicated to the Regional Presidency before the date of convening the Assembly and must be registered ANSPI in the current year for at least 4 months, or the previous year in the case of elective assemblies convened in the first months of the 'year.
The proportional representatives, for the committees for which this presence is expected, must be confirmed by the President / Legal Representative of the Zonal Committee.
Manager of the Zonal Committee delegated to representation.
In the event that the President of the Zonal Committee is unable to attend the Elective Assembly in person, he may delegate an executive member of the board of the same zonal committee for at least 4 months, in possession of written proxy and signed by the legal representative and bearing the stamp of the Zonal Committee and the reasons for its absence . With this delegation, the member will represent in all respects and with all rights the Zonal Committee in the role of Structural Representative.
With regard to proportional representation, if the representative elected by the Zonal Committee is not present, the latter may delegate another member, both from the Zonal Committee and from another.
In all cases, each Member can receive only one proxy.
Manager of another Committee delegated to vote.
The Zonal Committees can be represented for the active vote in the Regional Assembly by an Executive of another Zonal Committee. Each shareholder can receive a single delegation of representation from another Member with the right to vote, which is conferred by written proxy and signed by the member and bearing the stamp of the Zonal Committee.

To attend the Assembly the presidents and proportional representatives must be accredited. To obtain accreditation it is necessary to present to the Regional Secretariat before the beginning of the Assembly the names of the members who will represent their own Zonal Committee specifying the various hypotheses
• direct representation;
• executive delegate to represent the President;
• proportional member.
It is also necessary to indicate if you are in possession of a proxy from another member or from another Zonal Committee: these data will then be transmitted to the Electoral Commission and the Verification Powers.
The Commission, having ascertained the identity of the representatives and made the necessary feedback, proceeds to accreditation of the members themselves and to the delivery of electoral ballots at the appropriate time .
The Electoral Commission may provide for controls to verify that the participants in the meeting are entitled to exercise the right to vote.

The candidates for the regional social offices are the members indicated by the art. 4 of the Bylaws, then by art. 3 of this regulation. Each candidate submits his candidacy that can be accompanied by a possible brief programmatic report, communicating already before the date set for the elective Assembly at the Secretariat of the Regional Committee ANSPI of Emilia Romagna, specifying if the same is for the office of President , for the office of Director or both.
The candidacies must in any case be confirmed at the regional elective assembly.
The lists will be completed and considered final before the voting starts.

The Elective Assembly is called to elect the President of the Association and the Board of Directors. The latter will consist of a number of members that will be established at the Assembly before proceeding with the voting. The number of councilors must however be between 5 and 11.

Elections to social offices take place on a single regional list: voters will express
• for the election of the President, only one preference;
• for the election of the members of the Regional Council, a maximum number of preferences that will be established by the Assembly itself before proceeding to the elections.
The chairman of the meeting fixes the beginning and the end of the sessions and has the right to suspend work for short intervals. In compliance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and the regulations in force on each subject, the shareholders' meeting resolves effectively with the favorable vote of the majority of those present.The voting systems provided are:
• acclamation;
• raising of hands;
• nominal appeal;
• vote by secret ballot.
The vote by acclamation is only intended to designate the assembly offices; as provided for in the bylaws in force in Article 9 paragraph 15, voting by secret ballot is compulsory for elections to corporate offices. In all other cases the voting system is regulated by the president.
You vote by clearly and unambiguously indicating the name of the candidate (s) for whom you wish to express your preference. Cards that have reported a number of preferences above the maximum number allowed will be considered void.
For the conduct of the election of the corporate offices, the assembly is constituted by a seat composed of three non-candidate members of the meeting, one of whom is a chairman and two scrutineers. It can coincide with the Electoral Commission and the Verification Powers.

At the end of the operation of votes, the members of the poll will draw up a special report that they will deliver to the President of the Assembly for the proclamation of the elected representatives.
The member who has obtained the highest number of votes will be elected as Regional President.
Candidates who have reported the highest number of preferences will be elected Regional Councilors. With the same number of votes reported, with a view to an associative renewal, the candidate with the youngest age of registry prevails for all social offices.
The elected councilors will meet within 30 DAYS of the proclamation on convocation of the President for the assignment of the corporate offices with the exception of that of the President, already defined in the Assembly.

From the national regulation, the same person can not hold the offices of Regional President and Zonal President at the same time.
On the other hand, there are no incompatibilities between all the other offices at the national level, including those of the members of the Board of Auditors and of the Arbitrators, at the zonal and Basic Association levels.
Also from the National Regulations ANSPI, the office of Regional President can not be held by the same person for more than three consecutive terms.
The term that has lasted longer than half of the statutory period, or at least 2 of the 4 years, is considered complete.

This ELECTORAL REGULATION of the ANSPI REGIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE EMILIA-ROMAGNA has been definitively approved in the Regional Assembly of 3 October 2009. Any subsequent modification or integration must be submitted to discussion and approval by the ANSPI Regional Assembly.
Pending the obtaining of the compliance visa by the National Council ANSPI and any expert opinions. Any changes at the national ANSPI level of the bylaws and regulations that may be in conflict with parts of this regulation may also be applied without the approval of the regional assembly in the form of adaptation to higher provisions.

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