The legal physiognomy of ANSPI makes it possible to support the training and institutional needs of speakers and clubs.

The oratory or the circle are not islands, but they are inside a society that establishes rights and duties.

His "associative" role in accordance with article 12 of the civil code and the recognition of legal personality by decree of the President of the Republic guarantees the recognition of rights and commits to guarantee and promote active and responsible citizenship.

A civil appearance that however does not renounce its Christian soul, on the contrary it allows the implementation of a "osmosis" between civil and catholic appearance. A garment that reflects the choice of Vatican Council II.

A choice, moreover, close to the people who every day are called to be good citizens and good Christians at the same time.

With this choice the association is called upon to perform a concrete administrative, fiscal and management service for its oratories and affiliated clubs.

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