Among the big news announced for this edition of our traditional sporting event in early summer, here is Sport Oratorio Splash (team games on the beach) and Palla Prigioniera (Dodge Ball) !!

The game takes place in teams. They must be composed of a minimum of four players up to a maximum of six. You enter the field with the same number of players. Two heats of 5 min.
To play palla prigioniera, a ball and a playing field are required, whether it is placed outdoors or in a gym, which is rectangular in size much like a volleyball court. The field must be delimited on the bottom from a horizontal strip that will delimit the air where the captives will be captured during the game.
At the beginning of the game two captains are chosen who will have the privilege of the field, the ball and the first throw. A game taken the one who is in possession of the ball will try to hit the opponents in the other field by throwing the ball or can 'pass the ball to one of his team before the latter covers the opponent. If the ball before hitting the opponent touches the ground or is deflected, the grip is not valid, on the contrary if the player is hit directly he will have to run into the area of the prisoners at the bottom of the opponent's field. If instead the ball is taken on the fly by the opponent then the pitcher is made "prisoner" and must pass in the opponent's field. The prisoners can free themselves and return to their own field, if they take the ball launched by their teammates, or take the ball and hit their opponents. The team that, at the end of the game, has fewer prisoners in the opponent's field wins. Of course, when a team has a prisoner, he will try to stop him from grabbing the ball or avoid being hit, while the boys of his team will try to free him, pulling the ball so that he can take it.
LThe aim of the game is to hit the opponents and make them prisoner eliminating in this way all the players of the opposing team. The winner is the one who manages to hit all the opponents or with the same n. of prisoners at the end of time has imprisoned more players.


You can register first, or directly in the ANSPI office, which is located on the beach in front of Eurocamp. It is a free initiative. It is only necessary to stipulate within the 24 hours of the first day the ANSPI card for each participant (including adults / parents) Teams can be mixed from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 players. A card is given (CARD) There are several test points; at least two must be done, all can be done. Obviously, the more evidence points you make the more you get the better chance of getting higher scores. There is no order with which to perform the test points, you can freely choose.The card is of the team, is delivered by the secretary and at the end of the game must be returned. There is an EXTRA test point which gives extra scores. This test, vice versa from the others, can be performed only after completing all the other tests, but is optional. The Extra test point is not sporty but artistic.
you sign up giving a name to the team and taking a group photo.
lhe test is timed. In 5 minutes you have to do how many pools can be done with the following alternation:
- Go free style, back to back,
-with a free-style tablet, return with a tablet to the back
The team members alternate. (minimum two players)
Whoever has more water wins
Racchettoni – two people from the same team. The number of dribbles is evaluated in 3 min.
4Anelle: score based on the rings that are pulled.
Shangai: you have to try to remove the sticks from the group, one by one, as many as possible, trying not to move the others. You remove a point if you move and add a point for the rod pulled out in 3 minutes.
Skipping rope (we evaluate the number of jumps)
Sand sculpture marks the operators at the end of the game from 0 to 10
Human sculpture vote of the secretariat from 0 to 10


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